Roger’s Book

Fulfilling the Charter: The Story of the College of Education at Butler University and More ….

As the landscape of teacher education developed during the late 1800s, historical antecedents of Butler University’s College of Education initiated what we now know as long-term commitments to work and service at local, state, and national levels. This historical account of the College brings to light how teachers, leaders, and colleagues possessing vision, a shared commitment to children, excellence in education, and humor have inspired and influenced generations. Those who are aware of Butler University and those who have yet to learn of the quiet excellence that lives within the north-side Indianapolis neighborhood will glean lessons of collaboration, struggle, success, and the innate power of being able to dream as the history of the College of Education unfolds. In 1961, for his undergraduate application for student teaching at Butler University, Roger William Boop wrote, “I certainly believe in change, but change is not good for change’s sake because change does not always imply progress.” His belief in change, a personal commitment to education, and a love of history that allows one to look closely at the facets leading to progress, underscore his research some 46 years later as he shares the story of the College of Education and more…

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